Delta Executor download for mobile and PC Latest Version (March 2024)

Download Delta Executor for mobile and PC latest version available for Roblox Gamers.

Officially dedicated website for Delta Executor; a latest Roblox scripts injector for both mobile and pc.

Good News for pro players of Roblox games, here is a free Roblox executor, a latest Roblox game exploiter.

The Exe and Apk of Delta Executor is available to download, to enhance your gaming experience. It has many cool features for you.

so let’s explore what is the buzz about this Roblox script injector app and download latest version of the app for your mobile and pc.

Editor’s Note : This Website is updated on 18th March 2024

Delta Android Download

What is Delta Executor?

Delta Mobile/Android | LVL 7 OP EXECUTOR

Delta Mobile/Android is the #1 free Android Script Executor for Roblox! it supports Short Key and it has Level 7 Execution feature.

Delta is a free and safe Roblox script executor, for those who are beginners, let’s explore the Roblox, its games, scripts and script injectors or as we know them as “executors”, without understanding these terms you cannot fully know the executors and their use. This site is officially focused on Delta; here you would find latest information and updated version of this excellent exploit software.

Roblox – The Virtual Universe Of Online Games

Roblox Logo Red

Roblox is a very popular online gaming platform; anyone can create cool games and play millions of games created by other users.

You can say that just as YouTube is a free platform for videos, where anyone can create and upload their own videos and watch videos of other creators, similarly Roblox is a free platform for games.

If you are a gamer and till now did not explored the universe of Roblox online games; you are missing lots of fun and entertainment.

Roblox was introduced way back in 2006 as an online gaming platform, it is a game creation system (GCS) developed by Roblox Corporation. Roblox introduced its proprietary game engine called “Roblox Studio”, players can make their own games in Lua programming language and can showcase their creation in Roblox, so that, other players can play these user created games.

Game creators can make their own purchasable game content and thus can generate good revenue. It is estimated that Roblox developers earns around $2500 to $50000 monthly, some top creators making $100,000 per month. You can learn to make your on games in Roblox studio; there are several Roblox Game Development Courses available on

So if you are in the gaming world download the apk or exe file and join millions of online players, create your own games and play.

What are Scrip injectors, Exploiters and Executors?

As there are “cheat codes” in other games, “exploiter scripts” are in the Roblox gaming. There is several third party software available to inject the scripts in the Roblox games; these script injectors are called executors. So these third party programs, injects scripts in the Roblox game and gives unfair advantages to the player. By using these executors beginners can get high ranks and levels in games, these scripts provides several tools and features, by using these players can easily win or simply can play like a pro gamer.

cheating in shooting game Roblox

There are several paid and free executors available to download, such as Krnl, Fluxus, Oxygen, Electron, JJSploit, Delta, Kiwi, Valyse, some are paid like Synpase X BYFRON for windows and Hydrogen etc. we will cover them also in our separate blog posts.

Why you need Delta Executor?

Well, if you want to play fairly and progress slowly in the game, then you don’t need any exploit, 🙂 but, if you want some advantages, some quick progress and some additional powers in the game then you need one executor. The delta is latest and one of the safest program till date. So you should check it out once.

What you can do with Delta Exploit?

You can have several advantages inside the game you are playing by using Delta. There are several scripts available for many games; you can execute these scripts for your benefit. Some gives your avatar, special powers, fast progress, quick upgrade and other benefits.

The main features of Delta Executor for Gamers

New Delta User Interface

There are several Executors available for players, some are paid and many are free of cost, delta is the safest exploits and it is also free that’s why it is become very popular in gaming community. look in the below chart how delta quickly gained the trust of Roblox players.

This data chart shows the Google Trends Data of five Roblox Executors, it shows how much the search volume is for krnl Executor, Evon executor, Hydrogen executor, Delta Executor (in Green line) and Arceus executor, you can clearly see that Delta is the Top in the category of Exploits. Gamers across the world downgliding and using it.

Data Chart - online searches of Different Roblox Executors - A Comparison of popularity.

There are some major features of Delta exploit for your consideration to download it. lets explore them one by one

Completely Free

Delta is completely free; you can easily download it for your android device and for windows computer. The download link of the latest version is always given here.

Support 24×7

Delta has a support section for gamers, you can raise complain and can ask any question if you stumbles across any problem or error while using delta.

Script library

Delta provides you a script library, just add your script to the game and you can run whenever you want. It has many scripts for most famous games like Ro Fruit, Pet Sim, King Laacy, adopt me, jail break, tower of hell, meep city. support (searching for scripts inside roblox) 92% UNC Support (Only 3% less than windows) and Saving Scripts facility.

Script Library in Delta

User friendly UI

Delta has a clean and easy to understand user interface, all the essential elements like library and menu are well placed. User friendly design made this exploit an instant hit among gamers.

Configuration Delta Exploit for Roblox

Customizable UI

Although the UI of delta is user friendly, even if you are a beginner you can use it easily, though delta provides functionality to customize UI according to your needs.

Delta Executor features

Colorful Themes

You can change the Theme of Delta Exploit, There are many colorful, vibrant themes like Ocean Theme, Skyline, Sakpot Delta, Mountains, Wendo, JJsploit Theme, Waterfall, galaxy, lighting, Amogus, littlekiller, animated Joke and many more for users.

Themes of Delta

Cross platform

Delta is not limited to the Roblox games; it also can be used to manipulate other gaming platforms. This features gives delta en edge over other exploiters. Delta can be used on android devices and windows computer / laptop currently, but in near future iOS and Mac versions of delta are also about to be released soon here. so if you like to play Roblox in your Iphone, keep checking this page for Delta iOS version.

Regular Update

Regular update is an essential need of Roblox Gamer, if your executor is not updating itself frequently; you would face troubles, errors in your gaming experience. Delta has frequent update. Just download the latest version and use it.

Latest Cheats

Delta is providing the games best and latest scripts for all kind of Roblox Games. Use your favorite script to cheat in your selected experience.


Delta is Keyless, it is completely free for pc and android, free Mac and free iOS exploiter also would be launched in near future.


Your device and data safety is most important factor while using a game exploiter software. Virus and malware were found in many previous exploits, (you can check our blog section for previous virus or malware ) so the safety is a major concern when you are installing a executor on your device. Delta is one of the safest and secure Game executor. It gives you a worry free gaming experience.

Multi Language Support

Delta Supports many languages, you can choose your favorite language.

Multi language Executor for Roblox

How to download delta for mobile?

Here is step by step detailed “how to guide” for downloading Delta for your android mobile device. In this guide you will discover complete process of downloading, installing and using the exploit on your desired device.

There are several executors available in the market, some are paid and some are free, for some executors you need android emulators. Fortunately delta has both android and pc version of it.

Download for android Apk of delta for Mobile device

  • Step 1 click the download button given for the delta apk file and follow the process. Close any ads if appear on screen, or you can also check out these offers, if you find something interesting.
  • Step 2 The apk file will be downloaded in your device, if you are using mobile install the app, you may have to allow third party app installation in your android setting, after that the android system would check for any virus / malware and it will be installed in your device. If you downloaded this apk in your Computer, using any good emulator you can run the app. Some best emulator are MuMuPlayer, LDPlayer, and Bluestack.
  • Step 3 Run the delta app and start enjoying Roblox games. Inject your desired scripts in the game, and make it more fun and enjoying. Play Roblox games like a pro.

How to Run Roblox Scripts using it?

It pretty simple, using delta is very easy, even a beginner player can run and add scripts in this exploiter. 

What are Roblox scripts?

For beginners who don’t know about scripts; the Roblox scripts are set of code written in Lua; a programming language, these script can alter the features of the games, they can tweak the functionality of game objects. Scripts can also change the logic and events of the game. These scripts can run on both client and server machines.

Roblox Anime Battlegrounds Script

Run the script

Now let’s see the process how you can run script to exploit a game.

In order to do that, first you have to download and install the latest version of the delta. If you have an old version, first uninstall it and after that download the latest version from here, once you completed this process start Roblox on your Computer or Android mobile.

Now search for your desired game and click play to start the game.

Once the game is on launch click on the delta executor icon,

Delta screen will appear on screen, click on the Hexagon button,

Now select “add script” option, now you can past any script and then click arrow icon to launch the script. Remember you can also run scripts from script library.

That’s it, fairly simple process, now play like a pro.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions about Delta Executor by Users

What is delta executor?

The delta executor is free Roblox exploit software, by using delta you can run scripts and exploit any Roblox game.

How to download delta for mobile and pc?

Just click the given buttons and follow the step by step guide to download.

How can I get the delta mobile key?

Just open the delta and click the “get the key” button, follow the process and copy your mobile key, checkout our detailed blog post for complete guide.

How to run script in delta?

Just launch the delta and click on hexagon button, past the script or add from script library and click the arrow button.

Is downloading Delta executor Safe?

Yes it is safe if you download it from official site, don’t download it from suspicious websites. Lots of user asking on various social media platforms that using delta is safe or not? Till now many users reporting that it is completely working and safe. Checkout yourself these fan forums and see the current opinion of users. 

Can I use delta executor on mobile?

Yes, this was much awaited development; the delta team first launched the pc version and now released the mobile delta for users.

Can I install Delta on my Laptop?

Yes, You can install it on your Windows Laptop, the downloading and installation process is same as Installing on PC.

Can I run all scripts using delta executor?

The answer is Yes, you can execute / run any game script using delta in the Roblox game.

Is delta Executor is better than other Arceus X and Hydrogen?

Well major opinion of users is that Delta is better, the Hydrogen sometime crashes, and the Arceus is not being updated regularly.

How I can download on Computer?

Yes you can, developers has made a pc version of it and provided a exe file, just see this step by step guide how to download delta for pc and you will be able to easily install it in your PC.

Is customer support available?

Delta has a support system inbuilt, if you encounter any error or crashes, just report there. You can also check fan forums and social media for help.

How to update delta exploit?

The process is very simple, just uninstall the current version of delta and download the latest version from trusted website and reinstall delta in your device.

Is delta completely free, is it a freeware or trialware executor?

Delta is completely free, you can download and install it on mobile and pc, soon a Ios version also would be launched so keep checking.

How to fix delta errors?

It is advised to use browser version of the ROBLOX, Don’t use the Microsoft version otherwise you may encounter errors and crashes.

How to know delta server status?

Please check this page for server status.

My browser is blocking the delta file what should I do?

This is a false positive, just click on “show all downloads” and then click “allow dangerous files”

The System cannot find the file specified error?

Make sure that your antivirus or windows defender is disabled, you have to temporarily disable them, if you are too cautious you can use a sandbox machine; First test delta on an extra pc you have. Experience and check the delta if found ok you can use as you like.

Unsupported Version error?

if you encounter crashes or “unsupported version error” on screen, it means that delta is patched, you have to wait sometime to use it again.

Can my Roblox account be banned?

Yes, there is a rare possibility of it, but in most cases you would be banned from only one game you were exploiting, your account would not be banned. You can use an alternate account for safety of your main account.

Can I run all scripts on delta executor?

No, not all of them, however you can run 99% scripts easily on delta.

Where can I find scripts for delta?

You can use delta’s own ‘scripthub’ or Scriptbox and RobloxScripts.

Roblox exploits use is legal or allowed?

Well it depends on context of use, the fact is Roblox has not banned uses of exploits since 2020. However there is risk of being banned.

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