is Delta executor down? Delta Executor Server status March 2024

Want to know is Delta executor down or up?, what is the current Executor Server Status? Did you encounter this error message “Your version of Roblox is out of date and will not work properly, Taking you to the Amazon App store for an upgrade”, while using Delta executor? Many players face this situation when Roblox updates, and they ask; is Delta executor server down? Is Delta Executor not working? Here are the answers of these queries.

Editor’s Note : This Website is updated on 18th March 2024

Check the Delta Executor server status; the is delta executor down or up?

Below you will find the current status of server. Bookmark this page and see the running status of server by visiting this page.

Delta Server Status
The Current Delta Server Status is UP

Delta is working fine, Delta server is up and running

 If the server is UP and you still facing error, please update to latest version of delta.

You have to upgrade your executor after an Roblox update.

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